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At I didn’t only find a feathery pet, but a long needed companion who has helped filled the void the dead
of my husband created. The purchase process was easy and the price was fairly reasonable

Mark Jance / Texas

Let’s keep it simple. It is the best bird breeder that you can find nowadays. Got a very healthy Quaker birb from there about six years ago, and could not be happier. Welch exotic birds farm workers are very attentive and they truly care about thier birds. They’re patient and willing to educate you about your new pet, which is vital for birds healthy and happy living. Thank you Zack, truly appreciate all you are doing at Welch birds farm.

Alexandra P. Chicago, IL / Texas

My son Adams used to be shy and a loner but ever since i got our pooch Rex from he has being much more outgoing and a generally happier kid. Thanks alot just what my family needed.

Rebecca Anderson / Louisiana

If your looking for a pet but don’t know exactly what you need then should be classified as home for all birds. Their workers are very knowledgeable and advised me on what pet to get.
They were also very patient to answer all my questions!!

Jenny Brooks / New Mexico

We got our pearl cockatiel from here six months ago and she has been a dream. Incredible personality, obviously very well adjusted to humans, and she sings up a storm I’m the morning while still being very cuddly! We could not be happier.

Brian M. Chicago, IL

Great experience with Zack at Welch bird farm. We adopted our dusky conure Nori from his store in July, and we’re very impressed. Zack dedicated his time and expertise, educating my fiance and I about the process of adopting a parrot, teaching us how to best care for her and halp her adapt to our home.

Kevin B. Chicago, IL

So Happy with my experience! I live in New Jersey and received my African grey via airplane cargo. Zack was so helpful over the phone guiding us the whole time. We were a little scared about how the bird would be after the airplane and the ride home. On the last tie on the carrier he was talking!! He came right out and started eating and drinking. Within 24 hours he was at home. Thank you so much all the way from Jersey!

Corinne S. Elmwood Park, NJ

I got the Love of my life here! Zack was professional, courteous and it was obvious he REALLY cares about the birds and his clients! My baby was shipped to me. She came when he said she would and also when in was convenient for me! He sent her in a nice carrier with food and fruit and she arrived safe and sound! He has called me MULTIPLE times to see how she’s doing. My friend also got s bird from him. I can’t say enough great things about him. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for making it possible for me to own my dream bird! I plan to buy a Hyacinth Macaw from Welch exotic birds farm next year. It’s the only store I’ve ever found that sent my bird with DNA sexing and proof of negative disease testing. I could go on and on. But I could not be More pleased! So rare to find this! A million Thanks!

Sarah S. Deer Park, WA