We want people to know we sell a variety of birds from a macaw to an ostrich and everything in between


More and more people constantly ask why choose a bird as a pet? At Welch Exotic Birds Farm we help answer your questions ranging from the fact that birds are intelligent to the fact that they are inexpensive to feed and everything in between. Getting a bird as a pet might be a perfect fit for you and your family as they are easy to train and have a long life span. Also birds are more intelligent than they look.

Exotic birds are generally non-native birds, coming from the rainforests of America, Africa and Australia, their natural habitats. Welch Exotic Birds Farm is known to find some species, such as the non-yellow canaries, which are considered exotic because they are not originally found in nature, but have been created through a selective process.

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At Welch Exotic Birds Farm we are not only concerned with finding you the perfect pet but also finding our animals great homes. That is why we educate all potential pet owners on each and every aspect essential to the well-being of the animal. We educate them on aspects such as proper diet, exercise plan, cage design and more. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us so we can make your dream come true.


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As a company, we have loved, cared, bred, and lived with parrots the past 14 years, quite an experience. We have accumulated enormous skills to breed, cater and distribute these birds. As we mentioned earlier do not consider ourselves commercial or profit focused breeders because our birds are raised with a passion and unique kind of human to animal bond. We specialize in happy, healthy, stress-free birds that make perfect companions to both old and new homes.

Sure, we “sell” birds. But we like to think of it as “placing” birds in good homes. Our goal is to help you raise a happy, healthy, and well-mannered baby. We turn away many people who love the beauty of exotic birds and/or want a parrot that talks, but do not understand the intelligence and corresponding interaction required on a daily basis to keep these incredible creatures happy. The truth has built our business.

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